Monday, 21 September 2015

Xbox One Bundle Promo Codes 2015 Get Free Games & EA Access

Save up to $50 off on latest xbox one bundles with two games and one year of EA access absolutely free with microsoft store black friday and cyber monday xbox one promo codes 2015. Avail free shipping on all orders.

Save big on Xbox One with Xbox One Promo Codes 2015

Microsoft Store Xbox One Promo Code brings you amazing back-to-school deals and bundle offers. Now save big on games, console, bundles and more as you go on a joyride with the new Xbox One.

Whether you’ve had a long day at work or an idle day at home, Xbox One is just the right way to unwind. The good news is- with Xbox One discount code, it’s just got cheaper than you thought. A complete entertainment system in itself, Xbox One goes a long way beyond being just a game console. It completely dominates your living room fun by providing an integrated media experience- that lets you watch TV and movies, stream live shows, tune in to sports and music or chat with your distant family and friends (besides hardcore gaming, of course!)- all from one device. Experience it for less, with Microsoft Xbox One coupon code.

It’s two-tone liquid black finish- that goes matte grey in one half and glossy black on the other- ensures a unique look, that helps it blend beautifully with your other living room components, at the same time that it stands out. Xbox One features an AMD processor, built around the robust x86 architecture, that was used in Microsoft’s original Xbox. It is heavily cloud-integrated and has an extensive array of offerings in terms of what you can watch or do, using an improved program guide, split-screen multi-tasking of apps and an enhanced second-screen support.

Microsoft promo code Xbox One also brings you the fun of Kinect at a decent price. Kinect not only helps you game with more precision, but also acts as a superior control when you want to switch or snap apps, search out a movie or your favorite telly show and so on. Kinect is a great way to game- pulling you straight out of the couch and getting you moving, so your game becomes much more immersive and engaging. Plus, with the recent enhancements, Kinect can identify you by voice. So, it’s really easy to command your Xbox to do anything you want by using a few simple voice commands. Dive into the fun, without breaking the bank- shop with Xbox One promotional code. Xbox One also has a face sign-in, so if you have a picture of yourself on your profile photo, then Kinect will recognize you the moment you’re in front of the Xbox and automatically sign you in with an inviting “Hello”. Yes, Kinect’s capabilities, to that extent, can border on the uncanny or spooky and Xbox One did receive mixed reviews on that count because a portion of users felt this was near intrusive. But there’s no denying the fact that Kinect leaves you gaping in awe at what technology can do.

Plus, for those who prefer controller gaming to kinect, there’s good news too. While the erstwhile controller made it straight to the Guinness Book of World Records, the new controller featuring over 40 improvements over its predecessor is bound to be an instant hit. It features a redesigned D-pad and enhanced triggers. The improved controller features a micro USB port and can operate without battery power when attached with a USB cable. It can be used on computers running Windows 7 or later with drivers. You can also use the Xbox One wireless adapter for wireless use of Xbox One controllers exclusively on Windows 10 PCs. Add more zing to your game when you team your console with the right accessories- with Xbox One promotion code, they’re now cheap too!

Now use a Microsoft store Xbox One coupon to buy your Xbox and win gift cards on select latest games. With amazing Back-to-School deals, all you need to save big on consoles, games and accessories is a Xbox One promotional code. And do also keep an eye out for Xbox Live Gold membership on bundles so you can optimize your buy with free games, online fun and lots more.

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