Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Xbox One Promo Code 2014 The Console That Can Rule Your Living Room

Gaming with Xbox One will be a fun and when you invest on Xbox live gold membership that can be obtained with the Xbox Live promotional code to enhance the fun and excitement to the next level.

If you are intending to purchase Xbox One gaming console, do not forget to use Xbox One discount code, which can be found online. When talking about Xbox One, it integrates live television in an innovative fashion. Generally, when it comes to procuring any new version of a product from Microsoft, most of the people see whether the new version is better than the earlier versions of the same product. This is true in the case of Xbox One too. If you are planning to use Xbox One Promo Codes 2014, you will surely be interested in knowing whether you can get better benefits with this version as compared to Xbox 360 and experts and reviewers say that this product has better graphics and other features as compared to its earlier counterpart Xbox 360.

Even, when compared to the PS4, it has a slightly better roster of exclusive games and the One users are provided with the opportunity to get Titanfall without paying any additional money for the same. Like positive points, it also has got some negative points and the main negative point stated, is that it costs more than the PS4. However, you can enjoy the cost-saving benefits with the help of Xbox promo codes 2014. Also, it is stated that better and cool features can be enjoyed only with Xbox live gold membership, which should be purchased separately. But, no need to fret here too, as you are can use Xbox Live promotional code 2014 to get this subscription.

Microsoft Xbox One hold the line against Sony’s PS4, mainly because of the inclusion of Titanfall for free and also because now buyers can find Xbox promo codes points for taking home this console at a wallet friendly cost.

According to a recent announcement given by Microsoft, they are planning to launch a Kinect-free version of this product from the month of June. In addition, if you are intending to become a live gold member, just to get access to media applications, it will not be needed any more, but when you become a live gold member with Xbox Live promotional code coupon or otherwise, you can get access to cost-reduced and free games during your subscription period. But, when you place order for this product now, you will get the one with Kinect only and Kinect-free version will be made available only later.

So, use Xbox promotional code to get the Xbox One and if you are intending to get better benefits, become a live gold member.  Remember to use, Xbox Live promotional codes 2014 to become a live gold member.

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