Friday, 22 August 2014

Xbox One Live Gold Membership Promo Code at the Best Cost

Microsoft introduced Xbox One as the hub of games and entertainment, and here gamers can enjoy better benefits with Xbox One promo code 2014.

Microsoft stated that they introduced the Xbox One console as the hub for entertainment and games in the living room. In this console, everyone in the home can have a personalized account with all their content in the right place. Microsoft has stated that they wanted to create a system that was highly personalized, but also social. It is all about celebrating the individual tastes and preferences, but making it easy to share. People using Xbox One promo code Microsoft Store can get a wide range of benefits and here are the benefits they can get by sharing Xbox live Gold:

Xbox One limited-edition Xbox One Bundles
Xbox One limited-edition Xbox One Bundles

Recently, Microsoft introduced a new benefit called Home Gold and people using Xbox One Live promo code can get this benefit in addition to the cost-saving benefit they can get. This feature enables users to get extended gold features without any additional cost for the same. Everyone in the home can get great benefits with this console.

With Live gold membership, gamers can get extended gold benefits inclusive of multiplayer gaming, access to entertainment applications, Game DVR, inclusive of the NFT on Internet Explorer, Skype and Xbox. People using Xbox One Promo Code Microsoft for purchasing this console will experience extended gold membership in the following ways:

At home: They can set up their console at home, in such a way that each of the family members can enjoy multiplayer game and get access to entertainment applications, even if they are not in logged in.

On the go: They can log in the house of a friend and each individual there can get the chance to enjoy multiplayer gaming and they can gain access to entertainment applications, when they are logged in.

What does home gold offer?

Those using promo code for Xbox One Microsoft store for getting this console and then becomes a live gold member with experience a feature known as Home Gold.

The Home Gold was created with the main objective of personalization, so that gamers can get personal and powerful experiences. This means that each of them can truly own their account and gamer tag separately. This does not mean that they will have to share their gamer tag with their family members; they can keep it personal and can enjoy gaming with their friends.

This year, to provide the opportunity for gamers, who have been longing for purchasing a console, can use Microsoft Xbox One coupon code. Even, code is presently available for live membership as well.

Students can now use Xbox One student discount to get this console at a friendly cost. Even, they can use this console for their educational purpose as well, as they can connect to the internet. With live gold membership, gamers can get more and they can get advanced multiplayer, exclusive member discounts, free games and many more.

Coupon code for Xbox One is presently the wonderful opportunity given to the gaming enthusiasts. If you have been thinking about purchasing a console for long, now you can make use of this opportunity and can shine in the gaming field. You can get popular in the gaming arena with your gamer tag and can bring exclusive wins. The tag can be used in forums to get your clarifications too, and to develop friendship with fellow gamers.

So, make the best use of Xbox One coupon code and enjoy great savings.

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